Trend of shift in the area of cyclo-genesis over north Indian Ocean


  • B. R. LOE



Area of cyclo-genesis, Shift, Standard deviation, Frequency, Average


ABSTRACT. Cyclo-genesis over north Indian Ocean (Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea) has been studied with reference to the formation and shift of cyclo-genesis area. The frequency of formation of cyclones during a particular month and year for the period of study has been presented. The study has shown that the maximum number of cyclo-genesis occurred during the month of July followed by August and September. Cyclo-genesis was about three times more in the Bay of Bengal as compared to that in the Arabian Sea. Areas favourable for cyclo-genesis were found between Lat. 15.0° N to 22.5° N and Long. 86.0° E to 92.0° E over the Bay of Bengal and Lat. 7.0° N to 12.5° N and 60.0° E to 74.0° E over the Arabian sea while meander over north Indian ocean, some times its shift significantly. Standard deviation of number of cyclones has been computed for the decades from 1891-2000. It was found that it was maximum (1.96) during 1941-1950 followed by 1981-1990 (1.92).




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C. . SINGH and B. R. . LOE, “Trend of shift in the area of cyclo-genesis over north Indian Ocean”, MAUSAM, vol. 58, no. 1, pp. 49–58, Jan. 2007.



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