Characteristics of radiative and non-radiative energy fluxes over monsoon trough zone


  • T. N. JHA



Sensible, Latent and soil heat flux, Radiative, Non-radiative, Net radiation, Outgoing longwave radiation, Ground temperature


In order to describe behaviour of radiative and non-radiative erergy fluxes in the surface layer, computation of net radiation, sensible, latent and heat soil flux has been done using hourly global radiation, slow response data of MONTBLEX-90 and surface observation of Varanasi and Jodhpur during rainy and non-rainy days in July 1990. Daily and hourly ground temperature is calculated solving one dimensional heat conduction equation and soil heat flux is computed using force restored method .Outgoing Longwave Radiation (OLR) is calculated by Stefan-Boltzrnann law of radiation and the largest diurnal variability was found over dry convective zone. Results show that OLR from the ground lies in the range 473.0-537.6 Wm-2 at Jodhpur and 497.4 -548.4 Wm-2 at Varanasi during generally cloudy day. The dip in OLR is increascd by 10% with increase of relative humidity and cloudiness. Daily mean of the largest downward soil heat flux are found as 206.4 and 269.4 Wm-2 at Varanasi and Jodhpur respectively during cloudy day. About 40-50% of net radiation is imparted to soil heat flux at Varanasi and  Jodhpur. Sum of the hourly non- radiative energy fluxes has not been balanced by net radiation while daily cumulative value of the fluxes balances the net radiation during non-rainy day.




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T. N. . JHA, “Characteristics of radiative and non-radiative energy fluxes over monsoon trough zone”, MAUSAM, vol. 52, no. 3, pp. 581–592, Jul. 2001.



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