Tibetan anti cyclone as simulated in a general circulation model


  • S. K. Dash




The a im of this study is \0 investiga te the sensitivity of the mean posit ion and intensity of
the T ibetan anticyclon e simula ted in a Gener al Circ ula tion Model (GeM) to presc ri bed sur face bou nda ry conditio
ns. Results of some numerica l experiments show tha t the intensity and position of the anticyclo ne a rc influenced
by the global sea surface temperat ures. The simulated Ti betan High is close 10 its climatologicalla titudi na l position
dur ing monsoon mon ths when the seasonal var iations in the surfac e bo un dary co ndi tions a re introdu ced
and the model i.;, integrated from the initia l atmospheric conditions co rrespo ndi ng 10 winte r.




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S. K. Dash, “Tibetan anti cyclone as simulated in a general circulation model”, MAUSAM, vol. 45, no. 1, pp. 17–22, Jan. 1994.



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