Non-uniform dissipation of the Antarctic ozone hole


  • R.P. KANE



The evolution o f the Antarct ic ozone hole is illustrated fo r 1985·1989 and 1990 springs.
A detailed study for 1986.19 89 and 1990 events indicates that the evolution. which occurs in ea rly October . is
fairly unifo rm over the South Pole. Hence the fluctuations observed at Syowa, McMurdo and Palmer during
this period arc mostly due to the vortex \''3.11 passing in and out over these periferial loca t ions. However, later in
November when the hole is dissipating, the vortex may shift from the South Pole in any direction and may also
come back or intensify on Sou th Pole before finally disappearing. At South Pole. the recovery started by October
end in 19S5. 19R6 and 1988 but later in 19R7 (November end), 1989 {November beginning) and 1990 (November
end •.




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