Fractal dimensions of clouds around Madras





Following lead from Lovejoy's (1982) investigations the structure of radar determined clouds around Madras in northeast monsoon season (October-November 1986) was investigated.


Six hundred cloud echo samples having area between 50 and 5350 sq. km detected within 200 km radius by a high power S-band radar located at Madras were analysed for the relation between their perimeter and area.


Consistency of the relation between the perimeter (P) and area (A) through a log P vs log A plot and of fractal dimensions (D) of cloud perimeter, has been established and conclusions drawn that cloud perimeter conforms to fractal curve.


From the regression line of the logP vs logA scatter diagram the mean values of D=I, 30 and S=2.07 were evaluated, where S is the constant of proportionality for the relation P, AD/2. These values have been suggested to be used as, base values for ending out, D values for individual clouds in northeast monsoon season around Madras, for their possible real time use In Identification of clouds having strong horizontal/vertical winds embedded within them, especially In cloud field associated with cyclones.




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P. JAIN, “Fractal dimensions of clouds around Madras”, MAUSAM, vol. 40, no. 2, pp. 85–90, Apr. 1989.



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