Surface tension driven convection subjected to rotation and non-uniform temperature gradient


  • N RUDRAIAH Dept. Maths., Central College, Bangalore Univ., Bangalore



The effects of uniform rotation and non-uniform temperature gradient on the onset  of India according of Marangoni convection driven by surface tension in a horizontal layer of fluid is studied subjected to infinitesimal amplitude analysis assuming both the bounding surfaces free and adiabatic. A single term Galerkin technique with single term expansion is used to obtain the eigenvalues which are then computed numerically. Attention is focused on the situation where the. Critical Marangoni number is greatest or least than that for the uniform temperature gradient. Numerical results are obtained for special cases and some general conclusions about the destabilizing effects or various basic temperature profiles and the stabilizing effect of Coriolis force are presented. It was round that the most destabilizing temperature gradient is one for which the temperature gradient is a step function of the depth and the most stabilizing temperature gradient is inverted parabola and the Coriolis force has inhibiting effect on the onset of Marangom convection.




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N. RUDRAIAH, “Surface tension driven convection subjected to rotation and non-uniform temperature gradient”, MAUSAM, vol. 37, no. 1, pp. 39–44, Jan. 1986.



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