A package for paper-tape reader and punch


  • Z. E. SHAIKH
  • B. N. DEWAN
  • R. K. DATTA




software package programme, standard WMO format, paper-tape punch


A software package programme, developed for paper-tape reader and punch, translates messages from ITA No.2 Code to EBCDIC (Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code). The code used by the system IBM 360/44, sorts out and edits the message and introduces any missing groups or deletes superfluous groups. It also takes care of adjusting the blanks and the size of the groups so as to bring each message into a standard format. Incomplete groups, where ever, cannot be properly determined, are filled with slashes, and finally, the messages in EBCDIC adjusted to standard WMO format are written on magnetic tape.

             The second programme for the paper-tape punch is a reverse process wherein the messages in EBCDIC are translated into ITA No.2 paper-tape code. Necessary control characters are introduced as the message warrants.




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Z. E. . SHAIKH, B. N. . DEWAN, and R. K. . DATTA, “A package for paper-tape reader and punch”, MAUSAM, vol. 26, no. 3, pp. 309–312, Jul. 1975.



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