Climatological studies of tropical sea breeze at Tarapur


  • B. S. GERA
  • D. R. PAHWA
  • S. P. SINGAL



An analysis of the simultaneously observed sodar and tower data of the atmospheric boundary, the layer at Tarapur, a site near the seacoast on the Western Ghat range has been made. It has been found that a strong sea breeze blow during the months of January to May and October to December during the year. The onset times are around noon hours while the development of the internal boundary layer is up to 500 m. The capability of the sodar to detect the onset time and the height of the internal boundary layer is shown through a case study. The effects of the coriolis force prevailing gradient wind on the observed sea breeze circulation have Atlas for also been examined.




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B. S. . GERA, D. R. . PAHWA, and S. P. . SINGAL, “Climatological studies of tropical sea breeze at Tarapur”, MAUSAM, vol. 41, no. 1, pp. 43–46, Jan. 1990.



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