A comparative study of rainfall spells in Bangalore


  • GS GANESAN Meteorological Office, A.E.T. Unit, Bangalore
  • HR AHOBALARAO Meteorological Office, A.E.T. Unit, Bangalore




The present study is a mesometeorological analysis of the rainfall characteristics over a small area in Bangalore. The autographic rainfall charts for the period 1977-81 of the two observatories (City centre and Airport located within a distance of 10 km) were used for this analysis. The mean number of spells, mean duration, mean amount and mean intensity of spells, the times of onset and of cessation of spells and the distribution of rainspells in different intensily-intervals for both the locations are compared and discussed. It has been shown that within a limited area, the variations of characteristics are quite apparent and these variations should be viewed against the back-drop of prevailing direction of winds and the influence of urban structures for deriving any meaningful pattern.




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G. GANESAN and H. AHOBALARAO, “A comparative study of rainfall spells in Bangalore”, MAUSAM, vol. 37, no. 2, pp. 223–230, Apr. 1986.



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