Characteristics of boundary layer parameters


  • M. K. GUHA Meteorological Office, Pune
  • M. P. SHEWALE Meteorological Office, Pune



The dependence of frictional velocity u* within the planetary boundary layer (PBL) with reference to height, time and actual velocity has been obtained by using the logarithmic wind profile and surface stress T0. The wind speed at any level has been expressed in forms of the lowest level wind speed and the level height in the form of exponential function and the results obtained, according to the model have been compared with the actual wind at any instant. The results are in good agreement. It has been also shown here that the momentum drag coefficient CD is not absolutely constant but possesses a height variation. The wind speed can be continued analytically to a greater height according to the model and the value of CD obtained by this continued value is well in agreement with the existing range of CD.




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M. K. GUHA and M. P. SHEWALE, “Characteristics of boundary layer parameters”, MAUSAM, vol. 34, no. 4, pp. 421–424, Oct. 1983.



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