Relationships between planetary-scale waves, Indian monsoon rainfall and ENSO


  • H. N. BHALME
  • A. B. SIKDER
  • S. K. JADHAV




The relationships between the El Nino phenomenon and the planetary-scale waves, and the inter annual venations in the Indian monsoon. (June September) rainfall have been analysed to investigate as to how SST in the equatorial eastern Pacific associated with the El Nino can produce reduced monsoon rainfall over India which are at widely separated parts of the globe. In terms of the, observed relationships, a plausible mechanism for linking El Nino with the reduced Indian monsoon rainfall is discussed. The relationships noted suggest that large warm, SST associated with El Nino induce eastward shift in the planetary waves which, turn reduce the Indian monsoon rainfall.




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H. N. . BHALME, A. B. SIKDER, and S. K. . JADHAV, “Relationships between planetary-scale waves, Indian monsoon rainfall and ENSO”, MAUSAM, vol. 41, no. 2, pp. 138–143, Apr. 1990.



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