Some effects of asymmetry of pressure Distribution in a cyclone field


  • Y. E. A. RAJ



Pressure file asymetery, cyclone pressure field, cyclone verticity field, cyclone wind profile.


When the isobars in a cyclone field are concentric circular, the isopleths of vorticity arc also obviously circular. An asymmetry In the pressure profile can be Justifiably expected to cause an asymmetry in the vorticity profile also. This aspect has been studied by making use of a general pressure model. It has been shown that the asymmetry of vorticity profile; of a cyclonic storm in its outer region is far less than that of the corresponding pressure profile. There upon it has been concluded that a cyclonic storm with markedly asymmetric isobars may not manifest the same degree of asymmetry in its rainfall distribution and in radar/satellite imageries.





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Y. E. A. . RAJ, “Some effects of asymmetry of pressure Distribution in a cyclone field”, MAUSAM, vol. 42, no. 1, pp. 33–36, Jan. 1991.



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