A model of surface wind field in a tropical cyclone over Indian seas


  • BK BASU Meteorological Office, New. Delhi
  • SK GHOSH Meteorological Office, New. Delhi




A mathematical form of the surface pressure profile within a cyclone forming over Indian seas is derived by comparison with observations of four cyclones. Using this pressure profile as input, the horizontal distribution of wind within a cyclone field is numerically obtained by assuming a quasi-equilibrium of four forces, viz., pressure-gradient, centrifugal, friction and coriolis forces. Asymmetry in the wind-field due to motion of the cyclone is also investigated. Keeping input parameters like radius of maximum wind and speed of translation of the storm fixed, values of maximum wind are computed for fifty cases of cyclones for which observed values are available in literature. The r.m.s. error between model computed and observed values is found to be less than 11 knots.

It is expected that the model will provide an objective method of estimating the surface wind field within a cyclone.




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B. BASU and S. GHOSH, “A model of surface wind field in a tropical cyclone over Indian seas”, MAUSAM, vol. 38, no. 2, pp. 183–192, Apr. 1987.



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