A satellite study of stratus clouds off Yemen coast


  • AK MUKHERJEE Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
  • GK BAHUGUNA Meteorological Office, New Delhi




Cloud formation off Yemen and Saudi Arabia coasts during southwest monsoon of 1985 was studied from INSAT-1B visible Imagery of 0900 GMT for a period of three months and three weeks. The quantitative area-measurement of the clouds was done from 27 June to 20 September 1985. It was found that the formation of stratus clouds off these coasts began on 8 June. Initially only very small areas were found to be covered by them. There was a sudden Increase of area on 27 June and this continued up to 18 September 1985. Large areas of clouds on some days. were observed when monsoon was active or vigorous on west coast of India. It appears that the monsoon activity over the west coast of India and fluctuations in cloud cover off Saudi Arabia and Yemen coasts are related. A plausible mechanism for the fluctuation of the cloud area has been put forward.




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A. MUKHERJEE and G. BAHUGUNA, “A satellite study of stratus clouds off Yemen coast”, MAUSAM, vol. 38, no. 2, pp. 193–196, Apr. 1987.



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