Short-wave albedo of soil and jowar crop


  • B. SRINIVASA MURTHY Meteorological Office, Pune
  • K. SUBBA RAO Meteorological Office, Pune



Measurements of albedo of jowar were made during the kharif season of 1970. The diurnal variation of crop albedo under different sky conditions is discussed. The average noontime albedo of jowar was 22 per cent compared to the soil albedo of 11 per cent. There is a strong dependence of crop albedo on solar elevation under clear sky conditions; the dependence is relatively weak under cloudy conditions. The midday crop albedo values do not change significantly with cloudiness.


The seasonal trend of midday albedo of jowar shows an increase of albedo with crop growth, till it reaches 25 per cent when the crop was 55 days old, remains steady for 15 day" and decreases gradually thereafter to about 18 per cent as the crop matures.




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B. S. MURTHY and . K. S. RAO, “Short-wave albedo of soil and jowar crop”, MAUSAM, vol. 33, no. 2, pp. 217–220, Apr. 1982.



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