Computation of water budget of a snow bound river basin


  • SR PURI Meteorological Office, New Delhi
  • DS UPADHYAY Meteorological Office, New Delhi
  • SURINDER KAUR Meteorological Office, New Delhi



In this paper, the snow bound catchment of river Sutlej has been chosen to illustrate the technique of Computing monthly water budget and estimating total runoff. This catchment covers an area of 22,310 km2 In the Indian temtory (total area 57,244 km2), about 70% of which remains under seasonal snow during winter. The average a real precipitation has been estimated by using 17 years' data of 40 selected stations. The potential evapotranspiration for the station Shimla computed by using Penman (1948) equation is taken to be representative for the catchment. The snowmelt rates are worked out by energy budget concept with the help of normals of radiation, temperature, cloudiness, wind and humidity data recorded at Shimla.




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S. PURI, D. UPADHYAY, and S. . KAUR, “Computation of water budget of a snow bound river basin”, MAUSAM, vol. 39, no. 1, pp. 103–106, Jan. 1988.



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