Radio refractivity over equator and south Arabian Sea from Monex-1979 data


  • T. R. SIVARAMAKRISHNAN Cyclone Warning Radar Station, India Meteorological Department, Madras



Surface and radiosonde observations collected by Russian ships during May and June of Monex-1979 experiment have been analysed and radio refractive indices were calculated for levels upto 500 mb. Typical vertical profiles for different location over sea and for equator have been arrived at. Tim and space variation of the Radio Refractive Index (RRI) over equator have been investigated around the time of onset of monsoon.


An increase in RRI values was brought about around 18 May between 850 and 700 mb levels as observed by Russian ships in south Arabian Sea. This shows a change in moisture character of the airmass due to monsoon arrival and this hints that the influx of moisture is mainly in the mid-troposphere rather that at surface level. There does not seems to be any diurnal variations in RRI either at surface or at higher levels.




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T. R. SIVARAMAKRISHNAN, “Radio refractivity over equator and south Arabian Sea from Monex-1979 data”, MAUSAM, vol. 32, no. 1, pp. 27–30, Jan. 1981.



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