A scheme for advance prediction of northeast monsoon rainfall of Tamil Nadu


  • Y. E. A. RAJ




Tamil Nadu, North east monsoon, Advance prediction, Correlation, Screening


Monthly means of winds. contour height and temperature of seven standard isobaric levels of ten well distributed Indian upper air stations for the months of April, June. July, August and September were subjected to correlation analysis to detect parameters that have predictive value to forecast in advance the northeast monsoon rainfall of Tamil Nadu. The period 1965-87 was taken as developmental period and 1988-94 as test period. Six predictors, out of which three were completely new, were identified. The final forecast of rainfall was obtained as the weighted average of the individual forecasts based on the six predictors by employing a screening technique different from the conventional ones. The system explained between 65-77% variation of the predict and with standard error of 13-18% and provided reasonably correct forecasts during the test period. The physical significance of the predictors has been explained based on the intensity of the subtropical anticyclone over India. The possibility of extending the study to include global parameters in the context of proven negative and significant relationship between Southern Oscillation Index (SOl) and the Indian northeast monsoon has been discussed. Scope for further studies on the topic has been spelt out.




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Y. E. A. . RAJ, “A scheme for advance prediction of northeast monsoon rainfall of Tamil Nadu”, MAUSAM, vol. 49, no. 2, pp. 247–254, Apr. 1998.



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