Oscillation of the eastern end of the monsoon trough


  • B BISWAS Regional Meteorological Centre, Calcutta




In this study the north-south oscillatory motions of the monsoon trough lying east of Long. 83° E have been examined by plotting its day-to-day position along Long. 88°E for the months of July, August  and September for a period of twelve years (1972-1983), The actual nature and the extent of fluctuations of the axis of the trough and its most favoured positions and mean position have been found out. The movements of the trough along three different longitudes of 84°E, 88°E and 92°E for one month have also been discussed for having an idea regarding the real and relative north-south movements of the trough along those meridians.

The distribution of rainfall over northeast India related to the various positions of the trough together with  the associated synoptic situations have also been discussed in brief.





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B. BISWAS, “Oscillation of the eastern end of the monsoon trough”, MAUSAM, vol. 39, no. 3, pp. 263–268, Jul. 1988.



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