Study of the jet stream over India and to its north in winter: Part I


  • SQN. LDR. M. S. SINGH Met. Branch, Indian Air Force



Characteristics of the jet streams over India and to its north in winter were studied with the daily vertical cross sections (1200 GMT) along 75°E from 8oN to 60°N for the period I to 15 February 1967, It was observed that there are three separate jet cores present in this latitl1de belt on most of the days, located on an average at 43°N, 31°N and 23°N. of these three, the most stable and persistent one is the second which is located between Delhi and Srinagar, at 200-mb level with an average maximum speed of 140-150 kt. The one to its south is weaker and quite variable in location as well as altitude. The jet at 31°N, therefore, has been called the primary sl1b-tropical jet over India and its characteristics studied. Based on this study, a. model cross-section has been. prepared for this STJ, The descriptions of the STJ at 23°N and also of PFJ (Polar Front Jet) at 43°N are included.




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S. L. M. S. . SINGH, “Study of the jet stream over India and to its north in winter: Part I”, MAUSAM, vol. 22, no. 1, pp. 1–14, Jan. 1971.



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