A meso-scale study of groundwater fluctuations of Delhi in relation to rainfall


  • S. D. S. ABBI Meteorological Office, New Delhi
  • D. K. GUPTA Meteorological Office, New Delhi
  • J. K. SHARMA Meteorological Office, New Delhi




A study of groundwater level at Delhi in relation to rainfall has been conducted. Groundwater data for the period 1956 to 1966 in respect of 97 bores/holes in Delhi have been processed and synchronised and maps of mean ground-water level for urban Delhi have been prepared at fortnightly intervals for the monsoon period and at monthly intervals for the remaining months of the year. Monthly variations of groundwater levels against distance from river Yamuna have been studied and the distribution of the groundwater slope evaluated.

Inter-relationship between the rainfall arid the groundwater levels has been studied graphically. A regression equation for the estimation of fortnightly groundwater level fluctuations from rainfall amount, duration of rainfall and the level of water in river Yamuna has been formulated and tested for its applicability.




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S. D. S. . ABBI, D. K. . GUPTA, and J. K. . SHARMA, “A meso-scale study of groundwater fluctuations of Delhi in relation to rainfall”, MAUSAM, vol. 22, no. 1, pp. 81–88, Jan. 1971.



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