Size distribution of Raindrops-Part II


  • V. N. KELKAR



Radar, Reflectivities, Rain drop distribution, Histograms


Average values of the number of raindrops per ma of air, grouped according to diameters, are given in the form of a table for various average values of precipitation rates ranging form 0.20 mm/hr to 34 mm/hr. The distribution of raindrops amongst diameter groups has been shown in the form of histograms for six ant different values of the rate of precipitation. The variations of the number of raindrops per m3 of air, of particular diameter groups as well as the total number of drops of all diameters with rate of precipitation are show graphically. A relation useful for correlation with radar observation is also obtained. If x is the diameter of drop in mm, the relation Z = åx6 = 189I1.86 mm6/m3 has been obtained by the method of least squares. Radar reflectivities of rain of various intensities have been calculated for l=3.2 cm and l=10 cm and given in the form of a table. The media drop diameters have been obtained from the drop frequency curves and correlated with intensity of precipitation. The relation d median = 0.6 I0.28 mm is obtained.




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V. N. . KELKAR, “Size distribution of Raindrops-Part II”, MAUSAM, vol. 11, no. 4, pp. 323–330, Oct. 1960.



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