Pre-monsoon maximum temperatures over New Delhi, Mumbai & Chennai and possible solar influence


  • P. K. CHAKRABORTY Meteorological Office, N.S.C.B.I. Airport, Kolkata - 700052, India
  • K. SRIVASTAVA Meteorological Centre, Ranchi – 834 002, India



Pre-monsoon maximum temperature, Periodicity, Solar phase, Correlation coefficient, Critical sunspot number


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 The general variations of pre-monsoon maximum temperature over New Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai for the 51 years period from 1951 to 2001 and its possible association with solar activity [estimated in terms of annual mean sunspot (SS) numbers] have been analysed statistically. The temperature series indicate an approximate periodicity of 3 years for all the stations with an increasing trend for Chennai only. Analysis of the variations with respect to solar phases (using a growth rate model) indicates an increasing trend of temperature in 73% cases during solar minimum to maximum phases. The correlation coefficient between pre-monsoon temperature and annual mean SS nos. of the preceding year indicate a positive association when the latter exceeds some critical value approximately 140 and it (+0.647) is significant for New Delhi. The present result is consistent with similar studies for stations over eastern India.




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P. K. . CHAKRABORTY and K. . SRIVASTAVA, “Pre-monsoon maximum temperatures over New Delhi, Mumbai & Chennai and possible solar influence”, MAUSAM, vol. 57, no. 3, pp. 437–444, Jul. 2006.



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