A note on the Godavari valley earthquake


  • B. S. R. RAO Department of Geophysics, Andhra, University, Waltair
  • T.K. S. PRAKASA RAO Department of Geophysics, Andhra, University, Waltair
  • T. HARINATH BABU Department of Physics, V.S.M. College, Ramachandrapuram




 The Godayari valley earthquake of April, 1969 has been studied in the light of the known geology, tectonic history and geophysical information of the Godavari valley region. The region near the neck of the Godavari Rift Valley where the epicenters are located, underwent three periods of tectonic disturbance. The net effect is that the region is structurally disturbed and accumulation of stresses can be expected there. Negative gravity anomalies, observed in the region, may be accounted for the decrease of effective strength. Movement of underground water might have aided in reducing frictional resistance. Thus, the probable mechanism can be sliding and slipping along pre-existing faults and shear zones.




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B. S. R. RAO, T. S. P. RAO, and T. H. . BABU, “A note on the Godavari valley earthquake”, MAUSAM, vol. 22, no. 4, pp. 595–598, Oct. 1971.



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