Measurements of Global Radiation at Jodhpur





A study on the variation of global radiation (T) in different months of the year has been made from measurements made at Jodhpur with Moll-Gorezynski Solarimeter, during the period 1960-65. Mean daily global radiation on clear/cloudy/over cast days /all days for the year is 558/150/611/691/512 cal/cm2. Mean daily global radiation is maximum in May (653 callcm2) and minimum in December (380 callcm2).


The variation in the intensity of global radiation in the forenoon in and afternoon in the different seasons of the year indicates that the forenoons of hot weather period received more energy and that in winter the energy received is lore or less equal in both parts of the day.


The variation in the corresponding hourly values of global radiation during each season of the year has also been studied and the occurrence of the highest and lowest value of global radiation has been discussed in a general way in relation to the existing synoptic conditions.


Mention has also been made of the practical aspect of utilization of this large solar energy incident over Rajasthan.





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. H. . GANESAN, “Measurements of Global Radiation at Jodhpur”, MAUSAM, vol. 21, no. 2, pp. 267–272, Apr. 1970.



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