Climatology of the Crop Seasons of India- I. Rice


  • A. K. MALLIK Meteorological Office, Poona



On the basis of the data collected under the All India Co-ordinated Crop Weather Scheme, the normal growth features and the yield of the rice crop in India are discussed in relation to the climatology of the rice crop season. The study covers 7 stations with data for more than 10 years. Information is presented about the chronology and growth attributes of the crop, the average durations of the crop growth periods and the average climatic features of the crop season and their variabilities separately for each of the growth periods. It is shown that there is a remarkable consistency in the duration of the reproductive period of the crop as compared to the vegetative period. The average date of flowering of the autumn crop at-different stations is found to be greatly dependent upon the geographical co-ordinates of the stations and conform to 'Hopkins' Bioclimatic Law', though with a little modification of Hopkins' criteria,





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A. K. MALLIK, “Climatology of the Crop Seasons of India- I. Rice”, MAUSAM, vol. 15, no. 4, pp. 555–564, Oct. 1964.



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