Total Solar Radiation in relation to duration of sunshine


  • B. R. YADAV Meteorological office, New Delhi



An attempt has been made to establish a relation between the total radiation from sun and sky and the duration of bright sunshine based On the formula., Q;Q A = a+b’n/N), Q and QA being the radiation amounts On one square centimeter of horizontal surface at the surface of the earth and at the top of .the atmosphere respectively and n and N being the actual and the maxi mum possible hours of bright sunshine respectively. The values of the regression constants a and b have been computed for daily, weekly and monthly data. Data from daily observations have been grouped for the dry and the monsoon seasons, and the constants a and b calculated and compared with those obtained by others.


Mean monthly total radiation at a few places in north India, having the same cloud regime as at Delhi, has also been computed and discussed.




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B. R. YADAV, “Total Solar Radiation in relation to duration of sunshine”, MAUSAM, vol. 16, no. 2, pp. 261–266, Apr. 1965.



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