Studies of terrestrial radiation fluxes at the ground in India


  • A. MANI Meteorological Office, Poona
  • O. CHACKO Meteorological Office, Poona
  • N. V. IYER Meteorological Office, Poona



The results of measurements of longwave effective outgoing radiation and downward fluxes at the ground at eight stations in India during 1958-1962 arc presented. Maps showing the distribution month by month of the net outgoing and downward infra-red fluxes have been prepared. The net outgoing radiation is a maximum during the dry months and a minimum during the monsoon over the whole country. The downward flux is a maximum during May to September and a minimum during winter. Comparisons with value's computed from radiation charts show the calculated values to be substantially higher than those observed.




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A. MANI, O. CHACKO, and N. V. IYER, “Studies of terrestrial radiation fluxes at the ground in India”, MAUSAM, vol. 16, no. 3, pp. 445–452, Jul. 1965.



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