Seasonal variation of the Radio Refractive Index over India and neighbourhood


  • R. C. MAHESRWARI Indian Air Force



From the mean monthly surface value of the radio refractive index, a reduced sea level value of the parameter has been computed and charts prepared for the four selected months of the year, viz., January, May, August and November. A network of 62 stations in and near India has been utilized for this purpose. It is seen that the climatic differences are very prominently depicted by the variation in the value of the refractive index for these months. The maximum seasonal variation is observed in the northern and the central parts of the country. North-south and east. west cross sections of the radio refractive index structure are also presented.




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R. C. MAHESRWARI, “Seasonal variation of the Radio Refractive Index over India and neighbourhood”, MAUSAM, vol. 16, no. 3, pp. 467–472, Jul. 1965.



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