Pressure waves recorded in India associated with two well-known meteors


  • M. PANDURANGA RAO Meteorological Office, Poona



Pressure waves due to fireballs or bolides recorded by Indian observatories by ordinary barographs are discussed. A description of the meteors in general has been given to provide background material. The Tunguska event of 30 June 1908 is discussed with reference to its cometary nature rather than meteoric nature. The Sikhote-Alin fireball of 12 February 1947 and its effects have also been discussed, and velocity of the pressure waves generated by these two meteoric explosions, calculated. A comparison of the pressure waves of the Tunguska event recorded in England and India is made. It has been suggested that the records of sensitive  microbarographs of the Shaw-Dines type installed at some selected stations in India to detect atomic explosions would be helpful in the study of pressure waves associated with meteor explosions.





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M. P. RAO, “Pressure waves recorded in India associated with two well-known meteors”, MAUSAM, vol. 16, no. 4, pp. 617–622, Oct. 1965.



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