Northeast monsoon rainfall and agricultural production in Tamilnadu and Andhra PradeshI - Rainfall variability and its significance in agricultural production


  • R.P. SAMUI India Meteorological Department, Pune – 411005, India
  • M.V. KAMBLE India Meteorological Department, Pune – 411005, India
  • J.P. SABALE India Meteorological Department, Pune – 411005, India



Rainfall variability, Trend analysis, NE monsoon


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 Monsoon which directly impacts agriculture is an important component of Indian economy because it influences about a quarter of the GDP and livelihood of 60% of the population who depend on agriculture for their livelihood. India receives rainfall mainly during southwest monsoon season. A considerable rainfall also occurs in India during the post monsoon period called as northeast monsoon during October to December, particularly over eastern and southern states and this is of great significance in agriculture and allied sectors in these regions.

                Increasing trend of rainfall is noticed from south to north in eastern coastal districts of Tamilnadu. On the contrary, it is higher in coastal southeast districts with decreasing trend in northeast parts of Andhra Pradesh. NE monsoon shows greater impact on agricultural production due to its higher quantum of rainfall compared to that of southwest monsoon rain in Tamilnadu than that in Andhra Pradesh. Studies on impact of rainfall on agricultural production revealed positive impact of NE monsoon on rice and maize production in AP. Maize yield is found to exhibit a consistent positive trend.  Loss in production due to heavy to very heavy rain and flooding associated with cyclone or depression was more prominent along the coastal districts of Tamilnadu than that in the coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh during northeast monsoon season.

                Proper understanding of the variability and developing diversified strategies for agricultural operations alongwith the seasonal prediction of northeast monsoon rainfall would have considerable application value for decision making in agriculture and water resource sectors of these regions.




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R. SAMUI, M. . . KAMBLE, and J. . SABALE, “Northeast monsoon rainfall and agricultural production in Tamilnadu and Andhra PradeshI - Rainfall variability and its significance in agricultural production”, MAUSAM, vol. 64, no. 2, pp. 309–316, Apr. 2013.



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