Unusual weather over northwest & west India during November, 2010


  • BP YADAV India Meteorological Department, New Delhi, India
  • NARESH KUMAR India Meteorological Department, New Delhi, India
  • MEDHA KHOLE India Meteorological Department, Pune, India




Northwest & west India, Rainfall, Synoptic features, Temperature


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 Generally, November is the dry month with sunny days and pleasant weather for plains of northwest & west India with a bit of early morning chill as the month progresses. But during November, 2010, there was unusual weather in the form of prolonged and persistent cloudy conditions with wet spell over northwest & west India. To find out the physical processes leading to this unusual weather, detailed analysis of synoptic conditions during the month has been carried out in this paper. This study reveals that the unusual weather that occurred in association with presence of an intense low pressure system in the Arabian Sea and interaction of high-amplitude troughs in easterlies in the lower levels with mid-tropospheric troughs in the westerlies.




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B. YADAV, N. . KUMAR, and M. . KHOLE, “Unusual weather over northwest & west India during November, 2010”, MAUSAM, vol. 64, no. 4, pp. 699–710, Oct. 2013.



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