Temporal variations of Rainfall over Konkan & Goa during 1901-2020


  • NEETI SINGH Indian Meterological Department ,CAMD
  • C S TOMAR India Meteorological Department
  • GAJENDRA KUMAR India Meteorological Department
  • ARUN S H India Meteorological Department
  • DINESH SANKHALA India Meteorological Department




Rainfall trend, Konkan & Goa, Coefficient variation, Meteorological sub-division, Mann-Kendall test


This study examines the temporal variation of rainfall on monthly, seasonal, annual and decadal scale over Konkan & Goa, India during 1901-2020. Trend analysis of rainfall data is carried out by using Man-Kendall and t-test. A significant increasing trend has been observed in annual rainfall data. A significant increasing trend of 32mm/year is present in annual rainfall. Southwest monsoon showed significant increasing rainfall trends over Konkan & Goa during the last 120 years. On the monthly scale, rainfall indicate significant increasing trend during the month of June, August, September and October showed and significant decreasing trend during January & February. During the period of 120 year rainfall is highest in period of 1931-1960. Decadal rainfall analysis shows total 18 excess years and 15 deficit years observed annually over the period of study.




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N. SINGH, C. S. TOMAR, G. KUMAR, A. . S H, and D. SANKHALA, “Temporal variations of Rainfall over Konkan & Goa during 1901-2020”, MAUSAM, vol. 75, no. 1, pp. 101–108, Jan. 2024.



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