New catalogue of earthquakes for Peninsular India during 1839-1900


  • HN SRIVASTAVA Meteorological office, New Delhi
  • K RAMACHANDRAN Meteorological office, New Delhi



Based upon the recommendations of the UNESCO experts after the Koyna earthquake of December 1967 a new catalogue of earthquakes for Peninsular India has been prepared for the period 1839-1900. The data has been extracted from the microfilms of Times of India, Statesman and Hindu for the period commencing with theft publication (1839) to installatio!1of seismological instruments in the country (1900).

It is interesting to note that the region where significant earthquakes have occurred, tremors of felt intensity have been reported several years preceding the main events. Also through this catalogue the first case of unusual animal behaviour in the Indian region about one hour prior to an earthquake of intensity V In Manbhoom  district on 19 February 1892 is brought to light.




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H. SRIVASTAVA and K. RAMACHANDRAN, “New catalogue of earthquakes for Peninsular India during 1839-1900”, MAUSAM, vol. 36, no. 3, pp. 351–358, Jul. 1985.



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