Earthquake magnitude estimation from coda duration


  • RS DATTATRAYAM India Meteorological Department, New Delhi – 110 003, India
  • HN SRIVASTAVA India Meteorological Department, New Delhi – 110 003, India



Empirical formulae have been developed to estimate the magnitude of earthquakes from, 'coda duration', The coda durations read from the seismograms of  WYSSN/SRO/Helicorder systems of Shillong, New Delhi and Bombay observatories have been calibrated with reference to the local Richter’s magnitude, Three models have been tested with the data using regression analysis., The fitness of the models with the data is ( valuated in terms of correlation coefficient and standard error of estimate; The effects of epicentral, distance, coda duration and duration magnitude' on magnitude residuals is also examined and discussed is found that magnitude residuals do not show any systematic variation with these parameters.




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R. DATTATRAYAM and H. SRIVASTAVA, “Earthquake magnitude estimation from coda duration”, MAUSAM, vol. 39, no. 2, pp. 215–220, Apr. 1988.



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