Precipitation network design for mountainous catchment


  • SURINDER KAUR India Meteorological Department, New Delhi, India
  • DS UPADHYAY India Meteorological Department, New Delhi, India



The precipitation in mountainous region has higher spatial variability and the correlation r(s) between precipitation series recorded at two stations distant 's’ apart decreases with s at faster rate than in plain region. As such, a denser network would be desirable in mountains for the estimation of areal precipitation.

In this paper, the correlation approach to derive the variance of areal precipitation has been discussed and a procedure is outlined for evaluation of network density m respect of (a) flood forecasting events, (b) long term climatological purposes.

The scheme suggested has been illustrated for Beas catchment (area: 12509 km2) in Western Himalayas.





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S. . KAUR and D. UPADHYAY, “Precipitation network design for mountainous catchment”, MAUSAM, vol. 38, no. 1, pp. 73–78, Jan. 1987.



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