Ground inversion at Bombay airport


  • N. S. MANRAL Meteorological Office, Bombay
  • DAYA KISHAN Meteorological Office, Jaipur



In this study the frequency, thickness and intensity of ground inversions in the S of July & morning over Bombay, during various non-monsoon months, have been worked out. The percentage general belief frequencies are more than 90 during winter months of November to February, rapidly decreasing in summer months, being less than 20 during May. The study reveals that inversions during winter are steep but thickness is less whereas in summer these are weak but thickness of the inversion layer is more.


The influence of land and sea breeze circulation on inversions has also been discussed. The study suggests that nocturnal inversion over Bombay on some occasions, gets weakened or partially broken, particularly after 1900 GMT and its vertical profile is not continuous. It is rather zig-zag.


An attempt has also been made to indentify synoptic situations which inhibit formation of inversions over Bombay.




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N. S. MANRAL and D. KISHAN, “Ground inversion at Bombay airport”, MAUSAM, vol. 32, no. 4, pp. 425–430, Oct. 1981.



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