Orissa super cyclone – A Synopsis


  • S. R. KALSI India Meteorological Department, New Delhi – 110 003, India




Super cyclone, Gale force winds, Microwave images, RMR, QLM, Storm surge, Disaster management


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ABSTRACT. Orissa was battered by a Super Cyclonic Storm on 29 October, 1999 that made landfall near Paradip (43976).  The estimated maximum wind speed reached 260-270 kmph in the core area which produced a huge storm surge that led to sea-level elevation of more than 20 feet and took away valuable lives of nearly 10,000 people.  It was accompanied with exceptionally heavy rains which led to devastating floods and cut off the State from the rest of the country.  An attempt is made to describe the various features of development and movement of this cyclone through radar and satellite imageries, conventional data and numerical models.  Emphasis is laid on the real-time handling of this event, impacts made by the cyclone and the services rendered in relation to disaster management by the State and Central Agencies.




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S. R. . KALSI, “Orissa super cyclone – A Synopsis”, MAUSAM, vol. 57, no. 1, pp. 1–20, Jan. 2006.



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