The stronger squalls of Poona


  • K. P. Ramakrishnan



squalls, Poona


The potentiality of squalls for damage and destruction is too well known to require elaboration. Warnings for squalls are, therefore, an item of high importance among duties of weather services. Although the general weather situation is the more important factor in determining whether a squall is or is not. likely, local experience also goes a long way. Studies of squalls of a place become the more useful, the more light they throw on the conditions under which the squalls can be predicted. Yet, studies from a statistical angle can also greatly help, by at least narrowing down the seasons, times of day and so on when precautions against squalls are neces-sary. For instance, in a 30 or 40 year period, if squalls never occur at a place in six months of the year, one can, with a high degree of confidence, concentrate on taking precaution-ary measures in the remaining 6 months.




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K. P. . Ramakrishnan, “The stronger squalls of Poona”, MAUSAM, vol. 4, no. 3, pp. 243–248, Jul. 1953.



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