Surface Water Characteristics in the Bay of Bengal off Madras


  • A. A. RAMA SASTRY Meteorological Office, Poona



Two dimensional frequency distributions of temperature and salinity off Madras are presented from eight years data of dally measurements of sea surface temperature and density. The distributions are highly concentrated around the mean during March to September Maximum dilution occurs in October and the recovery of salinity to the normal takes place gradually during the next four or five month. The percentage frequency of   occurrences different characteristics is discussed. The mean and salinity or the, annual variation   temperature is bimodal with maxima in May and October .The interaction of the surface water masses of the Bay of Bengal and the seasonal heating and dilution give rise to the observed are annual cycles of temperature and salinity and hence of the surface water characteristics.




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A. A. R. SASTRY, “Surface Water Characteristics in the Bay of Bengal off Madras”, MAUSAM, vol. 14, no. 4, pp. 464–469, Oct. 1963.



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