MONSOON SEASON (June - September 2019)


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The rainfall over the country as a whole during the monsoon season (June-September) was 110% of its Long Period Average (LPA) and thus categorized as a normal* monsoon year. Seasonal rainfall over Central India region (1263.2 mm) was large excess with 129% of LPA rainfallwhich was third highest since 1901 after the years 1994 (1311.3 mm) and 1961 (1297 mm) for the broad geographical region of Central India. Rainfall over South Peninsula (116% of LPA) region was excess, over Northwest India (99% of LPA) was normal and East and Northeast Region remained deficient at 88% of LPA. Southwest monsoon reached parts over the Andaman Sea on 18 May, two days earlier than its normal date. However, it set in over Kerala on 8 June, 7 days later than its normal date and covered the entire country by 19 July with a delay of 4 days. Typically, the monsoon current begins to withdraw around 1 September, with the retreat completed by 15 October. This year, the retreat began on 9 October, marking the longest ever delay and was complete by 16 October in just 8 days. The withdrawal of Southwest monsoon from the entire country and the commencement of the Northeast monsoon rains occurred simultaneously on 16 October. Sometimes there is a gap of 10 days between the two seasons. Due to neutral ENSO conditions and weak Madden Julian Oscillation (MJO), their influence on the monsoon were nearly absent especially in the second half of the season. Positive Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) episode was observed since the beginning of the monsoon season and its rapid strengthening to the strongest ever was observed by mid of the monsoon season.





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