A study of Squalls at Santacruz Observatory, Bombay


  • M. V. DEKATE Regional Meteorological Centre, Bombay
  • K. K. BAJAJ Regional Meteorological Centre, Bombay




This paper contains a study of squalls at Santacruz Observatory, Bombay based on eight years of data, George (1950) has already made a study on the squalliness of monsoon showers at Juhu Observatory, Bombay based on five years' data, It is seen that the frequency of squalls at Juhu is about four and half times that at Santacruz Possible reasons for this have been discussed.


In recent years it has been established that the direction of a squall caused by convective cloud are related to the wind direction at some level or to the mean wind in the layer in which the cloud is embedded. Wind directions at different levels and the direction of the vector mean wind between different layers have been compared with the directions of squalls and some useful results from prediction point of view have been obtained.




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M. V. DEKATE and K. K. BAJAJ, “A study of Squalls at Santacruz Observatory, Bombay”, MAUSAM, vol. 17, no. 2, pp. 217–224, Apr. 1966.



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