Assessing the suitability of CFSR data for SWAT model hydrologic simulation of Kunthipuzha river basin, Kerala, India


  • NAGA HARI SAIRAM N. Dr. NTR College of Agricultural Engineering, Bapatla, ANGRAU
  • ANU VARUGHESE Kerala Agricultural University



CFSR, SWAT, Hydrology, Modelling, Kunthipuzha


Among the different inputs for the hydrological model, well distributed and precise precipitation datahas a crucial role in accurately simulating the various processes in a watershed. Poor distribution network of rain gauges and lack of precise precipitation data is one of the most important problems involved in many Indian watersheds. This study investigates the potential of using an alternate source of data for hydrologic modelling. The Climate Forecast System Reanalysis (CFSR) data is a global, high resolution, coupled atmosphere-ocean-land surface-sea ice system. Ithas been reported as an alternative option for solving the data deficiency of certain watersheds. The suitability of the CFSR to model the stream flow of Kunthipuzha river, flowing through the famous Silent Valley National Park in Kerala was assessed. The Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) model was made use of for the simulation of hydrologic process.  The model was simulated using calibrated parameters in which CN2, ALPHA_BF and ESCO are the major factors affecting runoff.The developed model was run with observed and predicted meteorological data (CFSR) and the simulated results of stream flow were compared using Nash Sutcliffe Efficiency (NSE), Coefficient of determination (R2) and Root mean Square Error (RMSE).  The NSE, R2 and RMSE obtained when observed data was usedfor modelling were 0.82, 0.85 and 29.25 respectively, whereas with CFSR data, the values were 0.70, 0.72 and 37.18 respectively. The streamflow modelled with SWAT using observed meteorological data wascloser to the measured streamflow as compared with that using CFSR data.  The NSE and R2 obtained with CFSR data (0.7 & 0.72) indicates that gridded data (CFSR data) can perhaps be utilized in data scare regions with reasonable accuracy.




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N. H. SAIRAM N. and A. VARUGHESE, “Assessing the suitability of CFSR data for SWAT model hydrologic simulation of Kunthipuzha river basin, Kerala, India”, MAUSAM, vol. 75, no. 2, pp. 407–414, Apr. 2024.



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