Recent trends in meteorological parameters over Jammu and Kashmir


  • A. K. JASWAL India Meteorological Department, Pune – 411 005, India
  • G. S. PRAKASA RAO India Meteorological Department, New Delhi – 110 003, India



Maximum temperature, Minimum temperature, Mean temperature, Rainfall, Relative humidity, Total cloud, Diurnal temperature range, Rainy days, Trend


Annual trends of meteorological parameters temperature, rainfall, relative humidity and clouds for ten stations in Jammu and Kashmir during the period 1976-2007 were studied. Trend analysis shows that temperatures are increasing over the state with significant increase in maximum temperature in the Kashmir region (+0.04 to                +  0.05° C/year) and minimum temperature in the Jammu region (+0.03 to + 0.08° C/year). The diurnal temperature range (DTR) is increasing over Kashmir region due to higher increasing trends in the maximum temperature while the strong increasing trends in the minimum temperature are contributing more towards the decrease in DTR over the Jammu region. Annual rainfall and rainy days trends are decreasing in both the regions of the state except at Jammu where rainfall trend is significantly increasing (+12.05 mm/year). Day-time relative humidity trends are mixed while total cloud amount trends are decreasing over Kashmir region and increasing over Jammu region. The effects of urbanization in the last two decades are more pronounced in Jammu region and this is strongly expressed in minimum temperature over the region. The warming trends observed over Jammu and Kashmir state during the period of study need further investigation in relation to variability of atmospheric circulation over North India.




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A. K. . JASWAL and G. S. P. . RAO, “Recent trends in meteorological parameters over Jammu and Kashmir”, MAUSAM, vol. 61, no. 3, pp. 369–382, Jul. 2010.



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