Satellite derived sea surface temperature variability in the Bay of Bengal


  • O.P. SINGH India Meteorological Department, New Delhi, India



Sea Surface Temperature (SST), Bay of Bengal, Interannual variability, Trend, Cyclogenesis


Bay of Bengal is associated with disturbances like tropical cyclones and monsoon depressions during pre and post monsoon and southwest monsoon seasons respectively. The Sea Surface Temperature (SST) variability over the Bay of Bengal plays an important role in the genesis of these disturbances. Satellite based SST climatologies, though based on shorter duration of data, have enabled study of interannual variabilities of SST over the smaller regions of Bay of Bengal which are associated with different types of weather disturbances in different seasons. Interannual variabilities and recent trends in SSTs over different regions of Bay of Bengal have been presented using a reliable satellite based climatological data for the 14 year period from 1985-1998.The annual SST over the Bay of Bengal has risen at the rate of about 0.2°C /decade during the period from 1985-1998. Maximum rising trend of 0.71°C/decade has been found over south Bay of Bengal during June. Frequency of monsoon depressions has decreased considerably in recent years in spite of increasing SST trends over Bay of Bengal in southwest monsoon season.




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O. . SINGH, “Satellite derived sea surface temperature variability in the Bay of Bengal”, MAUSAM, vol. 63, no. 1, pp. 71–76, Jan. 2012.



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