Cloudburst events observed over Uttarakhand during monsoon season 2017 and their analysis


  • BIKRAM SINGH Meteorological Centre, Dehradun-248005, Uttarakhand, India
  • ROHIT THAPLIYAL Meteorological Centre, Dehradun-248005, Uttarakhand, India



Cloudburst, Air mass, AWS, SRRG, CAPE, Western disturbance


Cloudburst is an extreme weather event characterised by the occurrence of a large amount of rainfall over a small area within a short span of time with a rainfall of 100 mm or more in one hour. It is responsible for flash flood, inundation of low lying areas and landslides in hills causing extensive damages to life and property. During monsoon season 2017 five number of cloudburst events are observed over Uttarakhand and analysed. Self Recording Rain Gauge (SRRG) and 15 minutes interval data from the newly installed General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) based Automatic Weather Station (AWS) are able to capture the cloudburst events over some areas in Uttarakhand. In this paper, an attempt has been made to find out the significant synoptic and thermodynamic conditions associated with the occurrence of the cloudburst events in Uttarakhand. These 5 cases of cloudburst events that are captured during the month of June, July and August 2017 in Uttarakhand are studied in detail. Synoptically, it is observed that the existence of trough at mean sea level from Punjab to head Bay of Bengal running close to Uttarakhand, the movement of Western Disturbance over north Pakistan and adjoining Jammu & Kashmir and existence of cyclonic circulation over north Rajasthan and neighbourhood are favourable conditions. Also, the presence of strong south-westerly wind flow from the Arabian Sea across West Rajasthan and Haryana on upper air charts are found during these events. Thermodynamically, the Convective Available Potential Energy (CAPE) is found to be high (more than 1100 J/Kg) during most of the cases and vertically integrated precipitable water content (PWC) is more than 55mm. The GPRS based AWS system can help in prediction of the cloud burst event over the specified location with a lead time upto half to one hour in association with radar products.





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B. . SINGH and R. . THAPLIYAL, “Cloudburst events observed over Uttarakhand during monsoon season 2017 and their analysis”, MAUSAM, vol. 73, no. 1, pp. 91–104, Mar. 2022.



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