Structural characteristics of the subtropical jet stream


  • M. S. SINGH Meteorological Office, Ahmedabad



Characteristics of the subtropical jet-structure over India and Pakistan were studied with the help, of longitudinal cross-sections. It was observed that the subtropical jet is a broad band of great latitudinal span located in the break between the middle and the tropical tropopauses. Generally the Jet core has two Layers of Maximum Wmd (LMW} attached to it. But it is replaced by separate cores with no LMWs when the branching of the jet stream takes place, Connected to each core and located beneath it is found a layer of frontal type discontinuity which may be called the "Subtropical 'Front". The present knowledge about the westerly jet streams over India and Pakistan has been discussed in the light of above findings.




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M. S. SINGH, “Structural characteristics of the subtropical jet stream”, MAUSAM, vol. 15, no. 3, pp. 417–424, Jul. 1964.



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