Thickness of the Earth's crust between Delhi and Shillong from surface wave dispersion


  • A. N. TANDON Meteorological office, New Delhi
  • H. M. CHAUDHURY Meteorological office, New Delhi



The paper presents the results of a study of the surface waves recorded by Long- Period (30-100) seismographs at Delhi and Shillong from an earthquake in the Atlantic Ocean. The crustal Rayleigh and Love wave dispersions for the composite continental path Epicentre-Delhi-Shillong as well as for the path Delhi-Shillong have been studied. The results indicate an average crustal thickness of 37 km for ~he former and between 40 and 45 km for the latter.


Mantle Rayleigh waves R2, R2 and R4 were also well recorded, Results of the study of their dispersion show close agreement with those of Ewing and Press.




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A. N. TANDON and H. M. CHAUDHURY, “Thickness of the Earth’s crust between Delhi and Shillong from surface wave dispersion”, MAUSAM, vol. 15, no. 3, pp. 467–474, Jul. 1964.



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