An Electrical Anemograph


  • G. P. SRIVASTAVA Meteorological Office, Poona
  • S. RAMACHANDRAN Meteorological Office, Poona
  • R. R. WAGHOLIKAR Meteorological Office, Poona
  • N. NARAYANA IYER National Aeronautical Laboratory, Bangalore



The paper describes an anemograph system suitable for installation at airports for distant reccording of windspeed and wino direction. Wind direction is recorded on a strip chart recorder, whose recording head is coupled electrically through a selsyn generator and receiver to a windvane. Directions are recorded from North through East to North and North through West to North over a total of 72°, Wind speeds are recorded on a 0.1 MA DO milliammeter recorder by amplifying the AC output from a cup generator anemometer by a transistorized amplifier. Provision is also made in the. recorders for changing the chart speeds.




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G. P. SRIVASTAVA, S. RAMACHANDRAN, R. R. WAGHOLIKAR, and N. N. IYER, “An Electrical Anemograph”, MAUSAM, vol. 16, no. 1, pp. 123–126, Jan. 1965.



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