Study of normal rainfall over central Madhya Maharashtra


  • A. K. MUKHERJEE Regional Meteorological Centre, Bombay
  • B. SHYAMALA Regional Meteorological Centre, Bombay
  • S. LAKSHMI Regional Meteorological Centre, Bombay



Previous studies of analysis of rainfall characteristics over Nasik district in north Madhya Maharashtra showed that there is definite variation in the rainfall distribution in the different parts of the Nasik district. Hence, an attempt is made in this paper to examine the rainfall distribution in Pane and Ahmednagar districts of central Madhya Maharashtra.

The study of the monthly, seasonal and annual rainfall distribution for 16 stations in Pune and 11 stations in Ahmednagar. districts has been made for the period 1901-1950. While the daily normal rainfall for 7 stations in Pune h district and 7 stations in Ahmednagar district for same period have been utilised to Study the rainfall characteristics and nature of correlation between the stations in the two districts.

In section 2 results about Pune district are given while section 3 deals with Ahmednagar district. Section 4 is the combined study of the 2 districts. It is seen that there is a difference in rainfall distribution in western parts and eastern parts of Pune district. The same is seen in case of Ahmednagar district also even though the western part, is very small. Combined study of the two districts shows that the rainfall distribution in western part of Pune district is the same as the western part of Ahmednagar district while the, rainfall distribution in eastern part of Pune district is same as that in the eastern part of Ahmednagar district so that taking the two districts together, a rough line of delineation running north south can be imagined which distinguishes the rainfall characteristics in the talukas to the west of the line to the rainfall characteristic in the talukas to the east. This tentative conclusion will be confirmed by the study of actual rainfall data over the region.




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A. K. MUKHERJEE, B. SHYAMALA, and S. LAKSHMI, “Study of normal rainfall over central Madhya Maharashtra”, MAUSAM, vol. 31, no. 2, pp. 247–260, Apr. 1980.



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